420 Comedy Festival

This was the 2018 weekend, check it out again next year Apr 19 – 21st, 2019!

This 4 day festival features the very best in 420 comedy; stand-up; sketch; improv; talent and vaudeville! Right here at The Underground! For info and tickets head to: https://420comedyfest.com


$20 Night Pass – All shows – One price!

THURSDAY 19th 8pm: Wake N Bake – The early improv show $10
Host: Erica Gellert:
Troupes: Darth Vader Ginsburg; Erotic Friend Fiction; Yacht Prov

THURSDAY 19th 9PM: The Underground Show $15
Host: Mike Rita
HL: Sandra Battaglini
Supporting acts: Phil Luzi; Nick Reynoldson; Jen Sakato; Patrick Hakeem; Jarrett Campbell; Drew Behm; Hunter Collins; Moe Ismail; Dan Peters

$25 Night Pass – All shows – One price!

FRIDAY 20th 7pm: Spark Up! A sketch comedy show $10
Host: Rachel McLatchie
Troupes: Vest Of Friends; Tom & Erica; Tall Boys To Men

FRIDAY 20th 8pm: Gets Lit with The Party Show $10
Acts: Coko Galore; Daphne Josephe; Kirsten Rasmesen; Matt Folliot; Kyah Green; Tom Hearn

FRIDAY 9PM: High 5’s Got Talent! $10
Hosts: Lucy Gervais; Bobby Knauff & Andre The Puppet
Acts: Lamb Chop; Erin Brocobitch; Shoddy Magician; Lucy Loop; Sarah Ashby

FRIDAY 10PM: The Spotlight Showcase – 1st Half $10
Host: Puff Mama
HL: Adrienne Fish
Supporting Acts: Paul Thompson; Nitish Sakhuja; Chris Robinson; Big Norm; Amanda Day; Jeff Paul; Andrew Packer

FRIDAY 11PM: The Spotlight Showcase – 2nd Half $10
Host: Jay Freeborn
HL: Keith Pedro
Supporting Acts: Garrett Jamieson; Dena Jackson; Ian Gordon; Sara Hennessey; Drew Grav; Jeremy Dobski; Che Durena; Dan Guiry; Kris Bonaparte

FRIDAY Midnite: Fuck-It Bucket Improv Show

$25 Night Pass – All shows – One price!

SATURDAY 8PM: The 420 Comedy Burlesque Show $15
Host: Bobby Knauff
Acts: Esther DeVille, Imogen Quest; Zyra Lee Vanity; Dolly Berlin; Cormac McGuinness; Tommy Marshall

SATURDAY 9:30PM: Best Buds Improv Show $10
Troupes: Public Works; The Racoons; Toronto’s Best

SATURDAY 10:30pm: Queer Folk & Ladies Toke – An Improv Show $10
Troupes: Kinsey Fail; Coko & Daphne; Cherry Beach

SATURDAY 11:30PM: Best Of Underground Comedy $10
Host: Hisham Kelati
Acts: Aaron Wry; Cameron Phoenix; Jamie Donnell; Allie Pearce; Nick Martinello; Olivia Stadler; Jennie Steer-Welbourn; Jacob Balshin; Patrick Fishman; Kyle Lucey; Black Zeus; Ian Fergus; Pat Burtscher
CarolZoccoliPrecious-Chongted_morrisChantel Marostica
$15 Night Pass – All shows – One price!

SUNDAY 4pm – Sunday Session – a special 4:20 comedy showcase! $10
Host: Joey Harlem

SUNDAY 8pm – Shweed Comedy Show $10
Host: Amanda Day
HL: Precious Chong
Supporting Acts: Zoe Brownstone; Rachel Matheson; Juliana Rodrigues; Shawna Edward; Anjelica Scannura; Carol Zoccoli

SUNDAY 9:30pm – Puff Puff Pass The Mic – A queer comedy show $10
HL: Chantel Marostica
Supporting Acts: Ted Morris; Camille Cote;; Emily Bilton; Kyah Green; Brandon Ash-Mohammed; Brenden D’Souza 


Puff Mama
The Baker’s Shop
Sweet Freak
Mr. Kush VIP
Sofa King
Hidden Valley
Pure Hemp Papers
Fritz Bakery
Budtique Bakery
and more!

For table reservations call/text 416-450-9125.
For info and tickets head to: https://420comedyfest.com