Love & Mathematics

Puff Mama’s Calculated Response
To The Holiday Blues

The first love lesson we learn in life is to hug. The first math lesson we learn is 1+1=2.
They are but they same thing.

Life is full of love and math, its where the left brain and right brain come full circle and meet at the top. It’s where the creative and passionate meet the absolutes, where chaos becomes order and where art becomes physics. Where a hug can be calculated and where calculations can be dissolved into a hug.

When we’re in a positive state, our electrons are charged with positive energy. This energy attract with other positive charges and bond together, like when you rub a balloon on your head and it sticks. When they encounter negative energy it causes friction and lightening, like when you rub your feet on a carpet and touch your finger on someone stationary and get zapped.

If your body is constantly bombarded with negative energy, this will have a damaging effect. I mean real ones, not just rubbing your feet on a rug. I mean negative thoughts, emotions, word and actions, those have energy too. You will eventually have anxiety or sleeping problems, difficulty focusing, a higher chance to manifest disease, and a likelihood that you will create situations continuing the cycle. If your body is bombarded with positive energy, this will have a healing effect. Thoughts of love, positive emotions, kind words and community support. You will develop a more stable mind; you will have better rhythms with sleep and thought; you will find it easier to go out and do and eat the things you need to stay healthy and you will seek out situations that will cause more positive charges, thus having a positive effect on you overall. When you direct these positive and negative ions, you are playing with physics, specifically quantum physics. It is in this moment that you become ‘God’ and can manifest any reality you want.

The math goes deeper too … Ever hear of The Golden Ratio, 1.61803399…? It’s an infinite number like Pi, only it’s called Phi. It’s is the number that all life is built upon, and it is the most pleasing thing to feel and to look at, proven by math. Phi is calculated by taking any number in the sequence divided by the previous. The farther you are in the sequence, the closer you are to Phi, and endless spiral. This number shows up constantly in nature – in seashells; cacti; dolphins; bees; water; clouds; galaxies and most importantly – in people, in fact it seems to show up more in the human body that any other biological organism! If you take the last digit on one of your fingers, and multiply it by Phi, you get the length of the digit before it, and this can be repeated in your hand, arms, legs and face etc. We are constantly attracted to and charged by The Golden Ratio and the closer to Phi the object gets, the more appealing it is to us.

Ok back to the basics and how to make that work for us … when we were babies and unable to articulate our needs, we just cried until our caregiver figured it out (-1+1= 0). But since we babies need positive energy to grow, we figured out how to voice those needs, and depending on who showed us how, determined how much positive or negative we got over time. As we got older, we were taught how to charge positivity by ourselves. For instance when in need, we no longer had to cry, just say what we needed, and we got it and eventually got shown how to gain that for ourselves, thus going from a negative state past zero and into a positive. (-1+1+1=1). And as we learned to absorb other positive influences like laughter; music; art and nature, we start to learn the higher math like physics and algebra. Some learn it through numbers and geometry, some learn it through music and art, and some learn it by going into nature or though divination. In the end we all play ‘God’ in the same quantum field, and that creates the experience we call life.

When we are born, I see us as having a sort of spiritual ‘bank account’. We make transactions of positive and negative withdrawals. Some people are born with lots of love around them and are rich in positive accounts. Some are born with little and have to learn to keep these accounts from going in arrears. Some learn to constantly replenish, and some are always overdrawn and asking for credit. If we want to make the best of our lives, we need to forget about how much we have or don’t have, and focus on our spiritual accounts. They can be filled every second of the day til the account is fat and rich. That way when trauma hits, or when we encounter a negative charge, we can afford the cost. When our spiritual accounts are full, we can confidently go about the day and work to obtain the situations and objects we desire.

When you walk in a room and you smile at everybody, they may not all smile back, but watch – they will receive the positive charge you give off, and it spirals off. When you walk in and scowl at everybody, just watch every single one of them will either scowl back and reciprocate the negative charge or turn away, leaving you with the negative charge to hold on to, the spiral goes within you.

Look at the people around you, notice their reactions to the positive and negative charges around them, watch what they look at, what they reciprocate. Don’t confuse those who put on a happy face with those who are simply positively charged. Some of the most hard core looking people I know are more positively charged that the ones who look generally positive.

When I was a child I got in a lot of fistfights. I was new kid a lot, I was king in one school and loser in the next. I got into fights in some schools and not in others. When I look back I realize now, it was simply that I couldn’t stand some injustice and wanted to stop the flow of anger and hate that was causing it. Fighting made no sense to me and for some stupid reason I thought fighting was the only way to stop it. Canceling out a lot of negative charge with another big charge. I learned later this was a not a good way to deal with it, and would sometimes worsen a situation or fester more negativity, making a spiral of negative. I figured out that dealing with it positively not only cancelled the negative charge, would cause the other person to want to pass the positivity on, thus creating a positive spiral. Now as an adult, I’m more aware that its all about math, adding positives and playing with the physics.

I woke up one Christmas morning feeling a bit sorry for myself, feeling lonely and dejected, tired and not really looking forward to the day. I decided then it was not fair to me or anyone I encounter that day to be in that state, so I decided to have a positive day, do some math and not let it effect me. I only looked at pleasing things and started thinking about the people in my life that I was thankful for, the friendships I have forged. I thought about my health and family and how there were so many in way worse situations. I avoided reading any news, which is always about death and problems. I petted a puppy on the subway. I phoned and texted messages of love to my friends. I played lego with my nephew. By mid day, what was probably -10 had made it above zero, and here I am at the days end, and I sit now in a much more positive state. My sleep will not suffer tonight and my day will be better tomorrow.

Some math that helped me out that Christmas Day:
– Going to the coffee shop and having my coffee for free just because it was Christmas, that made me smile. 1+1=2
– Seeing a local homeless guy with a present in his hand, he’s the one who’s always pleasant and friendly to everyone, so he got a gift because of that, made him even happier showing it off all wrapped pretty. 1+1=2
– Walking my dogs in the park, the first stranger I encounter smiled and said ‘Merry Christmas’. Usually people avoid my dogs, they’re pit bulls. And the stranger was perhaps East Indian so getting a Christmas greeting and have them not afraid of the dogs was encouraging, gave me the urge to smile and made me feel thankful for the multicultural city I live in. 1+1+1=3
– Reading my twitter feed and noticing a post that led me to a blog about positive thoughts equaling positive change. One girls struggle to stay positive, plus another guy telling the world to read it. That was multiplication, 1+(1×10(to the power of infinity) = infinite positivity
– At Christmas dinner I saw my adorable autistic nephew win over the entire party without saying a word. We are also full of inertia, a thing that stays in place until something else puts it in motion, a look or a smile or a touch. It’s pure physics.

So when you’re feeling depressed, at a loss, without things or people you desire, just do some math, push the inertia, play with quantum physics and make it better. Watch some comedy, pet a puppy, ride your bike, draw something, do a crossword puzzle, look at nature, hug your neighbour – do anything but think about the things that bring you down and drain your account. You do the math, you make yourself rich. Nobody can do it but you.

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