Pit Bulls, Propaganda & Prohibition

In March 2006, the controversial ban on pit bulls in Ontario survived a constitutional challenge. However two key elements were struck down in a ruling issued that day by the Superior Court. The judge declared the definition of a pit bull terrier unconstitutional, and also struck down a provision that allows the province to use certificates from veterinarians to prove a dog is, in fact a pit bull. Presently the Ontario law forces pit bull owners to muzzle, leash and sterilize their dogs or face a $10,000 fine or up to six months in jail – or both. Continue reading

Labels and Pills

When I was a child I was called many things and had many descriptive words used on my personality. It was always with affection and never used against me in anger, nor did my family think I needed to change, I was just a handful. Words like ‘spirited’, ‘eager’, ‘energetic’ and ‘motor mouth’ came at me often, and never in those ‘spirited’ times did I ever feel like I was abnormal. Continue reading