Love, The Big Bang and Why I Never Feel Alone


Once upon a time, billions of years ago, we were all one single giant unit.  Then along came some tremendous force, and for whatever reason good or bad, it tore us apart into countless pieces.

All creatures and plants came from primordial ooze, but we still haven’t figured out why.  Each has evolved and congregated in mountains; meadows;  forests; reefs and islands growing in colonies; hives; packs; flocks; families and cities.  We each take care of our own and help other species around us, from the bees and trees to the fish and the beasts.  For every one that causes destruction, there’s another to give love.

I never feel alone because love is always there.  Since the Big Bang, it has been the quantum force trying to bring us back together and make us whole again.  It is been found as positive vibrations in physics and its been proven that all life, even rock crystals grow with these vibrations.  It brought us out of said primordial ooze and made us seek each other out in the most creative ways of evolution.  It consistently causes chaos so we are reminded of the love and we then make steps to cause positive change.  We are attracted to things that are positive because it brings us closer to our instincts to come together and be one again.  In the end I can never truly feel lonely or hate anything because really I am only hating a part of myself.  And when I feel alone I remind myself that it’s not physical possible to be alone, science has proved it through physics.


So when you feel alone, just look out into the stars, see the milky way across the sky like a big hug.  Picture the spiral and imagine the love swirling the galaxy in the exact way it would our DNA.  Its like a wave you can surf or a wind you can sail that can fill your soul and make you whole again.

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